Learning experiences and notes for future reference, mostly on the IT field.


KVM QEMU Linux Virtualization xRDP Remote Desktop Docker Azure Cloud Containers Docker Hosts Images ASP.NET WebAPI API Event Hubs Stream Analytics WebApps WebJobs Deployment Orchestration Logging linux shell NTFS cifs JavaScript Async Promise Docker Machine Docker Swarm WebSockets Long Polling Server-Sent Events EventSource Event Streaming WebHooks WebRTC Big Data Hadoop Spark Dynamo BigTable MapReduce CI Continuous Integration CD Continuous Delivery GitLab CI Travis Jenkins IoT OAuth2 OpenID Connect SSO JWT JSON Web Tokens Hybrid Web Apps Electron Cordova Ionic React Native PhoneGap Xamarin SPA Single-page Apps AngularJS React Angular 2.0 ASP.NET Core Windows Authentication Hosting .NET Core EF Core REST e-mail NoSQL SenML GCP App Engine Cloud Endpoints