Docker Notes Last Modified: 2016-09-06
General docker notes.

About Docker

TODO Aspects

  • Containers
    • Image format
    • Runtime
  • Orchestration (automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications)
    • Scheduling
    • Provisioning (cluster management)
    • Monitoring
    • Fault tolerance
    • Scaling
    • Networking
  • Service Discovery
    • Standalone Swarm Discovery (libkv) supports
      • Consul 0.5.1 or higher
      • Etcd 2.0 or higher see here
      • ZooKeeper 3.4.5 or higher
    • Docker Engine Swarm Mode
  • Security & Isolation
    • Container
    • Host (node)
    • Network
  • Service provider issues
    • Throttling
    • Minimizing traffic costs




The Open Containers Initiative (also known as OCP: Open Container Project) is an effort to standardize the container image format and runtime.

The image specification is still underway (development in github), based on the Docker v2.2, and draws from CoreOS’s appc spec. The initial version is past due. However, the end result should allow the same container images to be run on both container platforms (docker and CoreOS’s rkt) and any container platform to emerge based on the specification.


runC is a command line tool for running containers, based on the libcontainer runtime. It is lightweight and embeddable, and can be used, for example, with systemd instead of the docker engine or containerd.

The OCI projects are available in github.

containerd is not an OCI project but it is an OCI compatible daemon that controls containers using runC. The source code is available in github

The docker engine starting with version 1.11 is based on containerd and runC.


Cloud Native Computing Foundation is a joint effort to harmonize and drive the adoption of technologies suitable for cloud native systems.

Hosted projects:


  • Docker
    • Docker image spec, soon OCI compatible?
    • Built in clustering with Swarm
    • Built in virtual networking
    • TODO which “batteries” are not included? Service Discovery?
  • CoreOS
    • appc image spec, soon OCI compatible?
    • TODO married to Kubernetes?
    • Cluster service discovery using etcd
    • Virtual networking with flannel

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