2017-05-19 Importing data from Excel to SQL Server

Importing excel data to SQL Server using SSMS requires a correct version of the Microsoft Access Database Engine Component.
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2017-03-28 Connecting to a public share on a NAS with local credentials from Windows 10

Windows 10 asks for a password when connecting to public share? Try username@host for username and just some garbage as the password.
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2016-12-21 IE Cache problem when using JavaScript fetch and ASP.NET Core Web API

Prevent IE from aggressively caching fetch results
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2016-11-28 Fixing webpack vendor build in .NET Core web app template

Cannot find module './wwwroot/dist/vendor-manifest.json' after checkout from version control?
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2016-11-24 Accessing TypeScript EventTarget Properties

...or how to solve error TS2339 Property 'value/type/checked/etc...' does not exist on type 'EventTarget'.
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2016-11-11 Launch notepad++ from windows command line

Simple way to launch notepad++ from the command line
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2016-11-04 Certificate trouble on IIS Express

HTTP 401 errors when calling WebAPI2 backend with IdentityServer3 authentication on IIS Express 10 resolved by fixing IIS Express self-signed certificate on development machine
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2016-10-26 TypeScript & IntelliSense in Visual Studio 2015

Resolved "cannot find module" IntelliSense errors when using TypeScript in Visual Studio 2015
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2016-10-14 Azure Table Storage Utility Methods

Utility methods for use with Azure Table Storage (create connection string, execute full query in segmented mode, create a prefix filter condition e.g. for filtering row keys).
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2016-10-13 .NET WebAPI 2 NoCacheAttribute

Attribute for preventing .NET WebAPI 2 GET requests from being cached on the client, namely IE11 which uses aggressive caching.
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2016-10-13 AngularJS Cache-Busting

AngularJS templates or views not getting refreshed in browser after a new version has been published?
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2016-08-19 Sanitize filenames in linux

I recently had to move a big media directory (lots of files in many directories and subdirectories) onto a network drive from a linux machine. As you might expect, there were a lot of problems with file and directory names. After some frantic googling and testing, I managed to piece together the information presented here: Sanitize filenames in linux.

2015-11-18 Vagrant file for using Foundation for Apps

Created a vagrant file for using Foundation for Apps on Vagrant, available on github.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get it working within a shared directory (on Windows 7 using VirtualBox 5.0.10 and Vagrant 1.7.4.) Apparently the culprit is the really long directory paths created by npm in the node_modules directory.